Wyatt Sicks Faction Targets Pat McAfee During Live Show

Posted at: June 20, 2024 - 6:40 PM

Pat McAfee’s appearance on WWE RAW next week is uncertain after a disturbing incident on his show. During the final moments of The Pat McAfee Show, McAfee reacted to something off-camera with alarm, followed by security concerns and a blackout accompanied by a sound associated with the Wyatt Sicks faction.

This suggests that McAfee was targeted by the group, who also took over WWE’s Twitch stream, website, social media, and live broadcasts. The Wyatt Sicks have been issuing warnings of an upcoming “massacre,” and their attacks have already affected several WWE figures, including Carmelo Hayes, Gunther, Dominic Mysterio, Triple H, Chad Gable, and Cody Rhodes.

The WWE universe is on edge as it awaits further developments and speculates on the faction’s motives and the impact on the future of WWE.

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