WWE Reportedly Exploring Collaborations with Mexican and Puerto Rican Wrestling Promotions

Posted at: June 18, 2024 - 12:51 PM

WWE Reportedly Seeking New Partnerships in Mexico and Puerto Rico

Lucha Libre Online has reported that WWE is seeking to establish partnerships with wrestling promotions in Mexico and Puerto Rico. Potential partners could include prominent promotions such as CMLL, AAA, and IWA, among others.

This move represents a continuation of WWE’s recent efforts to collaborate with other wrestling organizations. In the past year, WWE has formed working relationships with TNA, AJPW, GCW, Marigold, and Pro Wrestling NOAH. This collaborative approach marks a shift from the previous era under Vince McMahon, where external partnerships were less frequent.

WWE has increasingly focused on expanding its global presence, holding premium live events (PLEs) in international markets. Partnerships with promotions in key wrestling regions like Mexico and Puerto Rico could further enhance WWE’s reach and influence.

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