WWE Invites UK Independent Wrestlers to Participate in Scotland Events

Posted at: June 20, 2024 - 11:57 AM

WWE recently held Friday Night SmackDown and the Clash At The Castle Premium Live Event in Scotland. The events featured appearances by several UK independent wrestlers who were invited as extras and guests.

According to sources, at least ten UK independent wrestlers were invited, including Damian Corvin, Progress Women’s World Champion Rhio, Aaron Echo, Andy Roberts, Shreddy, BT Gunn, RP Davies, Danny Jones, and Mulligan. Some of these wrestlers participated in extra work during the events, with RP Davies notably appearing on WWE’s social media.

As of now, no deals have been reported to be offered to the invited talent, and many of them continued to wrestle in other shows over the weekend. Gabe Sapolsky, known for his experience in scouting talent for WWE, played a significant role in organizing and inviting the talent to the events.

Triple H, during the Clash At The Castle post-show press conference, emphasized the success that many WWE extras have achieved in the past, highlighting the potential of such opportunities.

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