The Undertaker Opens Up About Retirement Struggles and Desire to Return to the Ring

Posted at: June 18, 2024 - 12:19 PM

WWE Hall of Famer, The Undertaker, has opened up about his ongoing struggle with retirement and the internal conflict of no longer being able to perform in the ring. In an interview with Chris Van Vliet of Insight, he revealed that being at WWE events, such as this year’s Rumble in Clearwater, is difficult as he feels the urge to be out there wrestling.

“I struggle. I’ve struggled since I’ve retired being at live events,” The Undertaker admitted. He further described his experience at the Rumble, leaving early due to the internal battle between his desire to wrestle and the reality of his physical limitations.

The Undertaker also acknowledged the toll his career has taken on his body, stating, “Obviously, my body broke down and father time is undefeated.” He expressed regret over his match with Goldberg in Saudi Arabia, admitting he should have recognized the signs and adapted his performance to avoid risking his reputation.

Despite the challenges, The Undertaker finds comfort in the closure he received at WrestleMania 40, solidifying his legacy as one of wrestling’s greatest icons.

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