Shawn Michaels Reflects on Overlooked Matches with Mankind and Jeff Jarrett

Posted at: June 17, 2024 - 1:10 PM

In a recent interview with The Schmo, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels reflected on his career and highlighted matches he feels are often overlooked.

Michaels specifically mentioned his match with Mankind (Mick Foley) at In Your House: Mind Games in 1996 as a particularly underrated bout. He expressed a belief that, given a more extended storyline, their feud could have reached even greater heights.

“Mick and I had a hell of a match at [WWF] Mind Games, but it was just a one-shot deal,” Michaels lamented. “And it’s one of those things that I always feel like had Mick and I had a better opportunity to have a much bigger storyline, we could have really done some fantastic things.”

Michaels also noted his matches with Jeff Jarrett, stating that while these bouts are often acknowledged, they tend not to be included in broader discussions of his most significant career moments.

“[The matches against Foley and Jarrett] get mentioned a lot, but they don’t get brought up in the overall big story standpoint [of my career],” Michaels observed.

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