Pat McAfee Clarifies Studio Blackout Caused by Drone, Not Wyatt Sicks

Posted at: June 21, 2024 - 6:09 PM

During the latest episode of The Pat McAfee Show, an unsettling event occurred just before the broadcast ended. McAfee abruptly stopped mid-sentence, visibly alarmed by something off-camera. Shortly after, security concerns led to a sudden blackout accompanied by the sound effect associated with the recently emerged Wyatt Sicks faction led by Uncle Howdy. This disturbing sequence suggested that McAfee was targeted by the dark force.

However, Pat McAfee clarified the situation in a follow-up tweet on X. He stated that at the conclusion of the show, an unsettling power outage occurred in their studio, abruptly ending the program and leaving many people worried and confused. Like the rest of his team, Pat also witnessed the speculation that the Wyatt Sicks faction was responsible and something catastrophic had happened. McAfee revealed that they intended to address these rumors earlier, but felt that no one would fully understand without seeing what actually transpired. Therefore, they gathered all the footage of the generator-powered security camera to provide an explanation.

The footage showed that a drone had been sent by somebody to invade the show and sent out an EMP to cut out their power line. This led to one of the hosts, Jack Carr, grabbing a gun to stop the drone’s attempts and taking it down for good measure. In his tweet, McAfee expressed gratitude towards Jack Carr for his quick action, stating “THANK GOD FOR @JackCarrUSA.”

As for the Wyatt Sicks, the faction carried out a brutal backstage assault, with several WWE figures confirmed or presumed victims of this attack. This carnage led to speculation that Pat McAfee was in danger, but fans would be relieved to know that only a drone caused the blackout and that Jack Carr took care of it.

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