NXT’s Lola Vice Opens Up About Challenges of Switching From MMA to Wrestling

Posted at: June 18, 2024 - 12:29 PM

In a recent interview with Under the Ring, WWE NXT star Lola Vice opened up about her transition from MMA to professional wrestling, describing it as “the hardest transition of my life.” Vice emphasized the challenges of learning not only the wrestling aspect but also navigating the social dynamics of the WWE Performance Center, a highly competitive environment filled with talented athletes from around the world.

Vice stressed her dedication to NXT, stating, “The same effort and passion I put into MMA, I put into this.” She highlighted her journey of building the Lola Vice brand from scratch and her commitment to being “undeniable” in the ring.

Expressing her pride in the NXT women’s division, Vice declared, “I believe our women’s division in NXT is the best division for female wrestling in the world. It doesn’t compare anywhere.” She praised the talent and supportive atmosphere within the Performance Center, emphasizing the division’s potential to “take over the main roster” in the future.

Vice concluded by highlighting the resources, trainers, and overall program at NXT, which she believes contribute to the division’s success. She emphasized the talent and versatility of the women in NXT, showcasing their ability to be both “beautiful and badasses.”

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