NWA’s Bryan Idol Clarifies Network Deal Amidst NXT’s CW Move

Posted at: June 19, 2024 - 9:13 AM

NXT’s move from USA Network to CW Network in October has raised questions about the future of NWA, which also has a deal with CW Network. Bryan Idol clarified that the two deals are separate.

Billy Corgan confirmed that NWA has agreed to a deal with CW Network to air NWA content. Idol stated in an interview that this deal is separate from the NXT deal and does not necessarily impact the NWA’s agreement with CW Network.

According to Idol, NWA is focused on maintaining its current operations and incorporating new elements. They will continue with their plans and evaluate future opportunities as they arise.

The recent deal between NWA and CW Network is a significant development for the promotion. It remains to be seen how much the NWA will benefit from this deal in 2024.

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