Nick Aldis Expresses Optimism for Expanded WWE-TNA Partnership

Posted at: June 19, 2024 - 12:17 PM

The collaboration between WWE and TNA has gained attention, particularly with Joe Hendry’s recent appearance on NXT. Nick Aldis, SmackDown General Manager and former TNA wrestler, expressed optimism about the partnership in a recent interview. He credited Jordynne Grace as a driving force and hopes for further collaboration.

Aldis highlighted TNA’s history during its peak in 2009 and emphasized the benefits of WWE incorporating this history, especially for wrestlers like AJ Styles and LA Knight. He believes acknowledging past achievements can enhance storytelling and represent a shift for WWE.

Aldis said, “I certainly hope that there can be more between WWE and TNA. TNA has a rich history…I think it would be beneficial for WWE to be able to harness some of that history…The ability to dive into that and enhance stories would be beneficial and a major shift in WWE going forward.”

Aldis’s involvement with TNA raises the possibility of him appearing in the promotion, potentially generating more attention for both companies.

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