Mark Henry Reflects on Nation of Domination, Calls it “Best Faction of All Time” in Recent Interview

Posted at: June 17, 2024 - 7:35 AM

In a recent interview with Fightful, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry reflected on his time in the Nation of Domination, a pivotal moment in his career where he transitioned from a clean-cut babyface to The Rock’s enforcer. Henry expressed pride in the faction’s legacy, calling it “the best faction of all time.”

Henry recalled the unexpected moment he was invited to join the group, stating, “The first person that said something to me was Vince, and then Ron Simmons and The Rock both said, ‘Hey, you need to go down to the ring because they want to talk to all of us together.’ I’m like, ‘All of us? Who is us?'”

Initially serving as the group’s “heavy,” Henry was surprised by the direction his character took. “At first, I was the heavy, the fold-your-arms bodyguard type of dude,” he said. “It was a surprise how they were making me. I just thought that I was going to go out there and do something with them and it was like a one-off.”

Henry’s time in the Nation of Domination allowed him to showcase more personality and develop a more nuanced persona, setting the stage for his future success in WWE.

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