Kevin Kelly Questions Long-Term Benefits of TNA-WWE Collaboration

Posted at: June 17, 2024 - 8:56 AM

Former AEW commentator Kevin Kelly has voiced concerns over the ongoing partnership between TNA Wrestling and WWE. Speaking on 83 Weeks, Kelly expressed his belief that while the collaboration may provide TNA with temporary attention and exposure, it will ultimately not be beneficial in the long run.

Kelly’s primary concern centers on WWE potentially cherry-picking TNA’s top talent, leaving the latter in a vulnerable position. He suggests that TNA could face difficulties retaining its wrestlers once they become targets of WWE’s interest, leading to a reliance on wrestlers released by WWE rather than nurturing homegrown talent.

“TNA is doing anything that they can to try to get some attention,” Kelly stated. “Eventually WWE is just going to take the pieces that they want, because that’s where the talent wants to be, and TNA won’t have the resources to keep them.”

Despite the potential for initial buzz and attention, Kelly believes that WWE’s ability to attract top talent and TNA’s limitations in retaining them would undermine any sustainable benefits for TNA.

TNA talent are expected to appear on the June 18 edition of NXT, but the future of the partnership remains to be seen.

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