Jim Ross Comments on Potential Arrival of Shane McMahon in AEW

Posted at: June 17, 2024 - 10:45 PM

On his podcast “Grilling JR,” legendary announcer Jim Ross addressed the possibility of Shane McMahon joining AEW. The topic arose when co-host Conrad Thompson called the idea “crazy.”

Ross offered a surprising response, acknowledging the unusual nature of the scenario while leaving room for potential:

“Yeah, it would [be crazy],” Ross admitted. “It’s so crazy that it might work, depending on how it was positioned and how it was introduced.”

The conversation highlighted Shane McMahon’s recent communication with Ross, whom he’s contacted “two or three times.” Ross emphasized McMahon’s respectful approach, stating, “He’s always been sensitive in that respect.”

While acknowledging the uncertainty surrounding such a move, Ross ultimately left the decision in McMahon’s hands:

“That’s only a question that Shane could answer. Shane and Tony Khan being together, how would that work creatively? Heck, who knows? Might be great. But in any event, that all depends on Shane and what he wants to do.”

While there’s no confirmation, Jim Ross’ comments have certainly ignited speculation amongst wrestling fans. Only time will tell if a potential collaboration between Shane McMahon and AEW becomes a reality.

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