Jerry Lawler Confirms End of WWE Commentary Contract, Remains Under Legends Deal

Posted at: June 20, 2024 - 2:03 PM

Jerry Lawler, WWE Hall of Famer, recently discussed various topics on the Going Ringside program, including the end of his WWE commentating contract due to health issues. Lawler stated, “The commentating contract [ended]. I had two strokes about seven months ago, and so they started…that’s not good for commentary. But I’m still under contract with them.” Despite this, he remains under a legends contract with the company.

Lawler also mentioned his recent knee replacement surgery, stating, “I’m sort of hobbling around right now, I just had a knee replacement on my right knee. It’s doing good, but it’s a little bit of hobbling here and there. Well, I seem to be doing pretty well. People just see me like this, but at home, I live by myself. It’s a little tough there right now. But it’s seemed to get better.”

(Quotes transcribed according to sources)

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