Javier Bernal Out for Six Months with Broken Foot Following NXT Match

Posted at: June 20, 2024 - 11:59 AM

Javier Bernal, known as “Big Body Javi” in WWE NXT, recently revealed on his Twitch stream that he suffered a broken foot. Bernal initially believed he would be out of action for only six weeks, but surgery is now required, extending his recovery to approximately six months.

According to sources, Bernal sustained the injury during a tag team match on NXT Level Up against Chase U. His leg buckled after a diving attempt from Riley Osborne, leaving him unable to stand without assistance from a referee. It is unclear if the injury altered the intended finish of the match.

Despite the unfortunate incident, it is confirmed that Osborne is not at fault, as the injury was deemed an accident. Sources within the company commend Bernal’s professionalism throughout his time in NXT since 2022. His positive reputation and strong fan base indicate that he is expected to return to his career at the same level once he recovers.

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