Jason Baker and Callosum Studios Revealed as Creators of Wyatt Sicks’ Disturbing Masks

Posted at: June 18, 2024 - 12:21 PM

The Wyatt Sicks, the new faction that debuted on the June 17 episode of Monday Night RAW, has already generated buzz among fans, particularly for their unique and disturbing masks. The designer behind these striking costumes has been revealed to be Jason Baker and his team at Callosum Studios. Baker himself confirmed the news on Twitter, stating, “We’re Here! #wyatt6 masks and costumes created by me and my amazing crew at @Callosumstudios.”

Callosum Studios, a Pittsburgh-based company specializing in masks, props, prosthetics, and special effects for film and television, has a history of creating iconic wrestling masks, including those for Asuka and the late Bray Wyatt.

The Wyatt Sicks made their debut after the main event of RAW, with each member – Nikki Cross, Erick Rowan, a suspected Dexter Lumis, Joe Gacy, and Bo Dallas reprising his role as Uncle Howdy – donning a mask reminiscent of those worn by Bray Wyatt.

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