Hulk Hogan Promotes Beer with Hooters Skit and Table Spot

Posted at: June 19, 2024 - 11:34 AM

Hulk Hogan, known for his influential career in professional wrestling, has been engaging in various activities outside of the ring. He recently launched his own beer, “Real American Beer,” and has been promoting it through unconventional means.

In a video shared on his Instagram, Hogan is seen playfully fighting with Frankie LaPenna over the Undisputed WWE Championship at a Hooters restaurant. The skit culminates with Hogan spanking LaPenna and putting him through a table.

Beyond his beer venture, Hogan has also expressed interest in running for President of the United States, further diversifying his post-wrestling pursuits.

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Fans and observers are invited to share their opinions on Hogan’s diverse ventures and whether they enhance or detract from his wrestling legacy.

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