Goldberg Open to One More Match: “I’d Love To”

Posted at: June 19, 2024 - 1:46 PM

Goldberg is interested in returning for one more match after recovering from a torn rotator cuff injury. The former WWE/WCW star’s contract expired in 2022, and he has stated that he would consider signing with a major promotion after completing a four-city tour.

In a recent interview, Goldberg expressed his desire to have one final match and mentioned that he had discussed the possibility with Vince McMahon. While he is open to wrestling for WWE or another promotion, he is also willing to promote a match himself.

Goldberg also spoke about his life after wrestling, focusing on his son’s well-being, and how he is now returning to training and taking care of himself.

When asked about his ideal opponent for a final match, Goldberg initially mentioned Sting, but ultimately stated that he has not given it much thought and has no specific opponent in mind.

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