Frankie Kazarian Confronts Joe Hendry After NXT Battle Royal Elimination

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Frankie Kazarian and Joe Hendry appeared on the June 18th edition of WWE NXT. Hendry was eliminated from a 25-man battle royal by Kazarian, who later expressed frustration with Hendry in a video, claiming that Hendry cost him the match and a shot at the NXT Championship.

According to sources, Kazarian stated, “Joe Hendry, you corny ass one-trick pony. You show up and you steal my thunder, and what happened? I took your ass out immediately. If you hadn’t shown up and thrown me off my game, I would have won and become the NXT Champion. Joe Hendry, again, all you are is an obstacle everywhere I go. NXT, you’re welcome.”

It remains to be seen whether Kazarian will make future appearances on NXT, as the partnership between WWE and TNA continues to develop.

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