Dolph Ziggler Reacts to Mandy Rose’s Comment on Otis Kiss

Posted at: June 20, 2024 - 10:07 AM

WWE RAW superstar Otis’s popularity was evident during his 2020 storyline with former WWE superstar Mandy Rose. Rose’s best friend, Sonya Deville, and another former WWE star, Dolph Ziggler, attempted to keep Otis and Rose apart, with Ziggler and Rose briefly getting together. The storyline shifted at WrestleMania 36 when Rose betrayed Ziggler to align herself with Otis.

A memorable moment in their storyline was the kiss shared between Mandy Rose and Otis. Recently, Rose admitted Otis was a decent kisser, and Otis sent a message to Rose on social media.

Dolph Ziggler reacted to Rose’s comment on social media, stating that it hurt him more than his match against Goldberg:

“This hurts more than goldblerg.”

The Otis and Rose romance storyline ended after WrestleMania 36, an ending Rose felt deserved more, but fans enjoyed their on-screen relationship. Otis remains part of WWE, while Rose and Ziggler have found success outside the company.

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