Damian Priest Addresses Clash at the Castle Victory and CM Punk’s Interference in Post-Show Interview

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At the Clash at the Castle post-show press conference, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest addressed the crowd’s negative reaction to his victory over Drew McIntyre, stating, “I think this was my favorite [crowd] just for the fact that they wanted me to lose so bad and I won.” He further elaborated on the satisfaction of defying expectations, “There is no better feeling than somebody telling you you can’t do something and then shoving it down their throat.”

Addressing those who label him a transitional champion, Priest asserted, “Again, more things to shove down people’s throats. Before I was a champ, ‘You can’t do it,’ I did it. ‘You can’t hold it,’ I held it. ‘You can’t beat Drew in Scotland,’ I did it.” He emphasized his position as the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the face of Monday Night Raw, stating, “Against all odds, against all hate, I’m the champ and I’m going to continue being the champ.”

Regarding CM Punk’s unexpected involvement in the match, Priest clarified, “Number one, I didn’t even know he was here. I had no idea that he was gonna get involved.” He expressed openness to a potential match with Punk in the future, under the condition that Punk earns his way back, stating, “When he’s back healthy if he can perform still at that high level and he earns his way, I would love to share that ring with him, but he’s gonna have to earn it because I am the World Champion.”

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)

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