Charlotte Flair Shares Update on Knee Injury Recovery Progress

Posted at: June 21, 2024 - 5:16 PM

Charlotte Flair, a top WWE star and multiple time Women’s Champion, recently shared an update on her knee injury through her Instagram account. Flair underwent a biodex test, which measures the strength of her surgical leg compared to her non-surgical leg. The test results showed that she had a 20 percent or less deficit in quad strength, and in some measurements, her surgical leg was even stronger than her non-surgical leg.

Flair has been out of action since December 8, 2023, and at the time, it was revealed that she would be sidelined for nine months. While there is no official word on whether she will be able to return sooner than initially expected or if her recovery timeline remains on track, Flair expressed her eagerness to return to the ring, stating, “I MISS YOU GUYS & can’t wait to lace my boots again!” Updates on her return will be provided once more information becomes available.

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