Chael Sonnen Sought Promo Advice from Steve Austin for UFC Feud

Posted at: June 20, 2024 - 11:55 AM

Steve Austin, a WWE Hall of Famer, is known for his exceptional promo skills. Chael Sonnen, a mixed martial artist, admitted to drawing inspiration from Austin and even seeking his advice during his feud with Jon Jones. Austin reportedly offered Sonnen promo ideas, though Sonnen ultimately didn’t use them.

Sonnen stated, “I would definitely ask myself, ‘What would Stone Cold?’ in this situation. I would sometimes even call Stone Cold and say, ‘In this situation, how would you handle this? Your character. How would that happen?’”

Austin’s influence extended beyond wrestling and into other combat sports. Despite addressing the possibility of another match, Austin’s impact is undeniable and stretches beyond the realm of professional wrestling.

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