Carmella Unveils Scrapped ‘Untouchable’ Gimmick Concept

Posted at: June 17, 2024 - 1:09 PM

Carmella recently unveiled the original vision for her ‘Untouchable’ gimmick, a significantly different concept from the one that debuted on WWE television in 2020. The video, shared on Twitter, showcased a more sinister and serious character accompanied by masked followers.

This revelation came after Carmella disclosed that she initially did not want a new character and had a different vision for the ‘Untouchable’ gimmick. She had promised to share the original concept, and the recently released video fulfilled that promise.

The 2020 debut of the ‘Untouchable’ gimmick involved an attack on Mercedes Mone on Friday Night SmackDown, leading to an extended feud. However, this gimmick was eventually abandoned.

Carmella, currently absent from WWE television, has confirmed her intent to return to in-ring competition. Whether WWE will revisit the original ‘Untouchable’ concept remains to be seen.

Carmella’s tweet accompanying the video reads: “this was my original vision for untouchable carmella.. 😈”

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