Bruce Prichard Reveals Vince McMahon’s Initial Reluctance to Meet Mick Foley

Posted at: June 22, 2024 - 12:11 AM

Mick Foley’s journey to the WWE was not an easy one, as he faced skepticism from Vince McMahon, the company’s chairman, due to his unconventional appearance and reputation for taking dangerous bumps in the ring. According to Bruce Prichard, a former WWE executive, McMahon was initially reluctant to even meet with Foley, telling Prichard, “Keep him away from me. I don’t want to meet him.” McMahon’s hesitation stemmed from his belief that Foley was not very intelligent because of his high-risk wrestling style.

However, Prichard recognized Foley’s passion and believed that they could harness it to make it work in the WWE. He was convinced that if he could get McMahon and Foley in the same room, they would find common ground and develop a rapport. Prichard’s instincts proved to be correct, as he recalled, “All we wanted to do was get them in the same room. If they get in the same room, I guarantee they’re going to start talking, and they’re going to find a similar, commonplace, and the rest will be history. And that’s exactly what happened.” Once McMahon engaged in conversation with Foley, he realized the potential for an exciting partnership, with Prichard noting, “Vince got into that head of Mick Foley and realized, ‘Boy, this could be fun.'”

Despite debuting in 1996, it is believed that Foley’s work truly caught McMahon’s attention during a series of sit-down interviews with Jim Ross, where he showcased more of his authentic personality. These interviews, along with Foley’s participation in several highly-rated segments on “WWE Raw,” played a crucial role in helping the company regain its competitive edge against the then-more popular “WCW Nitro.” Foley’s unique character and willingness to push boundaries in the ring eventually made him an integral part of the WWE’s success during the late 1990s.

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