Asuka Opens Up About Knee Surgery Recovery and Daily Challenges

Posted at: June 17, 2024 - 7:46 AM

WWE star Asuka, recovering from recent knee surgery, has opened up about the daily challenges she faces post-surgery. Teammate Dakota Kai revealed Asuka’s undisclosed injury during an episode of Monday Night RAW, leading to her withdrawal from the Queen of the Ring tournament.

Asuka confirmed the news and announced a hiatus from WWE television to focus on recovery. The knee issue first became apparent roughly two months ago on SmackDown, where she was seen limping.

“After Backlash and the European tour, I had to take a break to treat my knee that I had been hurting for a while,” Asuka stated. “My partners Kairi and Dakota helped me a lot during this tour as I could not move at my best. I am very grateful to both of them.”

Asuka has begun rehabilitation at a specialized center to expedite her recovery, though her return to competition remains uncertain.

“Now I am going to be moved to a rehabilitation center for my rehabilitation,” she stated.

The Empress of Tomorrow admitted struggling with crutches in daily life and expressed gratitude for airport staff who provided her with a wheelchair. She noted the difficulty of using crutches for the first time and acknowledged the wheelchair’s crucial role in helping her catch her flight.

“I’ve never used crutches before,” she said. “Difficult to use it. The airport staff got me a wheelchair when they saw how hard it was for me to get around. If I had not used the wheelchair, it would have been difficult to arrive at the airport in time for my flight.”

While fans await her return, Asuka’s health remains the top priority.

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