Vince Russo Asserts On-Air Superiority Over WCW Roster, Draws Response from Shane Helms

Posted at: June 20, 2024 - 8:58 AM

In the third episode of the documentary “Who Killed WCW?”, former writer Vince Russo asserted that he was “better than 80% of that roster” as an on-air character. He recounted his decision to become a television personality, stating, “I made the mistake of saying ‘You know what? ‘F it, if you want ratings, I will go out there and get ratings myself.'”

Russo’s comments sparked a conversation with former WCW star Shane Helms on X (formerly Twitter). Helms expressed skepticism, to which Russo responded, “I’ll let the heat I got speak for itself.” Helms countered, emphasizing the importance of revenue generation, and the two briefly discussed booking strategies.

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