Pat McAfee Addresses Studio Blackout Following Potential Wyatt Sicks Incident

Posted at: June 21, 2024 - 10:50 PM

Pat McAfee, the commentator for “WWE Raw,” recently shared an update on his X account, formerly known as Twitter, following a potential incident involving the Wyatt Sicks. The incident occurred during Thursday’s episode of the “Pat McAfee Show” on ESPN, which took place after the stable’s debut on Monday.

During the show, Jack Carr, a US Navy SEAL and author, was being interviewed when one of McAfee’s cohosts noticed something happening off-camera. Suddenly, the lights in the studio, known as the “ThunderDome,” went out. On Friday, McAfee and his co-hosts confirmed that a “startling and eerie” power outage had shut down the show, leaving many people worried and confused. They then aired “security camera footage” documenting the events that transpired after the broadcast ended.

In his X post, McAfee addressed the rumors circulating about the Wyatt Sicks’ potential involvement in the incident, stating, “I, just like the rest of the boys, saw the assumptions of the Wyatt Sick6 being the culprits, and that we might be dead. We were gonna address those rumors earlier but didn’t think anybody would ever understand without actually seeing what happened.”

The footage revealed a drone floating in the ThunderDome, declaring its intention to end the show by emitting an electromagnetic pulse. Jack Carr quickly drew his gun and “took out” the drone, much to the delight of the show’s hosts. The footage was immediately followed by an advertisement for Carr’s latest book.

As of now, the Wyatt Sicks have not officially commented on their potential appearance on the “Pat McAfee Show.” However, they did briefly interrupt Friday’s broadcast with static and the words “You Lied,” suggesting their continued involvement. The faction is currently not associated with any specific brand and could potentially appear on “WWE SmackDown” in the future.

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