Drew McIntyre Attacks CM Punk on WWE SmackDown Following Unexpected Return

Posted at: June 21, 2024 - 10:56 PM

Drew McIntyre shocked the wrestling world on the June 17 episode of “WWE Raw” by announcing his departure from the company. However, the drama took an unexpected turn on “WWE SmackDown” when McIntyre emerged from the garage, carrying a bloodied CM Punk on his shoulders, making it clear that he was not leaving after all.

The abrupt nature of McIntyre’s announcement raised questions, especially considering his recent signing of a new WWE contract. The Wrestling Observer later confirmed that McIntyre’s sudden exit was a planned part of the ongoing storyline between him and Punk, and not related to his wife’s recovery from emergency surgery. Additionally, McIntyre’s social media accounts, which were deleted on Monday, were restored on Friday.

McIntyre’s return on “SmackDown” left the backstage area stunned as he brutalized Punk in the latter’s hometown of Chicago. The Scottish wrestler carried a battered and limp Punk to the ramp, where he unceremoniously dumped him in front of a shocked crowd. Punk notably landed on his tricep during the fall. Nick Aldis and other WWE officials eventually intervened, escorting McIntyre to the back while Punk was taken away on a hospital bed. Commentator Corey Graves promised updates on Punk’s condition throughout the night via social media.

The animosity between McIntyre and Punk has been building for some time, with tensions reaching a boiling point at this year’s Clash at the Castle event. During the match for the World Heavyweight Championship, McIntyre had seemingly pinned the current champion, Damian Priest, but Punk, disguised as a referee, deliberately stopped the count at two, costing McIntyre the title. As of writing, the extent of Punk’s injuries remains unknown, and it is unclear whether the two rivals will be able to settle their differences in the ring in the near future.

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