Eric Young Believes WWE and TNA Collaboration Could Expand in the Future

Posted at: June 21, 2024 - 10:26 PM

In recent weeks, TNA Wrestling and WWE NXT have been crossing over talent, a move that Eric Young, a TNA Wrestling veteran, sees as a positive development for the pro wrestling industry. During an interview with The Miami Herald, Young expressed his belief that this collaboration between the two companies is just the beginning of something bigger.

“It’s a great thing for pro wrestling in general,” Young said, emphasizing the benefits of companies working together. He acknowledged WWE’s dominant position in the industry, having been around for a long time, and praised Triple H’s leadership in driving the positive changes in the product. Young, who maintains a friendly relationship with Triple H, respects him greatly and appreciates the impact of his leadership on the wrestling landscape.

Young also highlighted other partnerships, such as AJ Styles’ recent trip to Japan to work for NOAH, as examples of the growing collaboration within the industry. He expressed his full support for these developments, having been aware of the TNA-NXT deal long before it became public knowledge. Young believes that these collaborations will continue to grow and evolve, ultimately benefiting pro wrestling fans, which should be the primary goal of all involved in the industry.

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